22 Stock Market Trading Secrets

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22 Stock Market Trading Secrets is the big book of practical market knowledge and trading secrets. It comes from a man with decades of training in the field and helps you on your path to advancement.

Trading is an art that requires impeccable skill. Restraint and governance over oneself and the ability to efficiently analyze charts are the pivotal elements that set one above the rest in the big trading race.

According to the book, what is heard from trading companies is the depiction of the company’s fundamentals by the investors and not what it really is. What these fundamentals really comprise of is the big question.

Including insights on the ways to profit from the various rises and falls in the market, 22 Stock Market Trading Secrets is a complete guide to trading. The book helps to train the mind in order to handle trading successes and losses and highlights the value of money management. The author also provides information on when you should know to stay off-market and lists out the major barriers to profitable trading.

An enlightening read, 22 Stock Market Trading Secrets was published by Orient Publishing in 2012. It is available in paperback format.

Key Features:

  • The examples and narrations in the book are based on real-life incidents and hence depict the setting of trading circles as realistically as possible.

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