Bitcoin Investment Has Given 4000000 Times Return on Investment

BitcoinBitcoin, the hot topic in the world of money, finance and currency. Bitcoin probably is the biggest invention of 21st century which has the capacity to change the world. Yes! As the world knows bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency invented. And this currency is all set to change the whole world. In fact there will be drastic changes in the whole banking system in near future because of bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Yes, so many other crypto currencies have been created after bitcoin.

Of course there can be lot to be discussed about bitcoins, how they are created and how they work. And in fact that is altogether the huge topic of discussion. But in this article I just wish to discuss, about this as an investment instrument.
Okay, lets come to the point. How much returns bitcoins have given. Let me give you very simple and straight forward statistics. When bitcoin was just started in 2009 the one dollar was equal to approx 1000 bitcoins. And today the moment I am writing this article the current market price of one bitcoin is more than 4000 dollars!! So suppose someone would had invested only one dollar to purchase 1000 bitcoins in 2009. Then today he holds investment worth USD 4,000,000!!!! (4000 * 1000). So if we calculate return, one USD is converted into USD 4,000,000. It means 4,000,000 times or 4 million times return on investment! No other investment instrument in the world has given such huge returns, be it stock, currency, real estate, gold, index or currency, within the time span of less than 10 years!
Any way this may be the exceptionally lucky case. Check this now. Only within 2 years i.e. in Feb 2011 bitcoin reached parity with dollar.i.e. One dollar = One bitcoin. Now even at this moment if someone would had purchased bitcoins worth 1 USD he is still owns more than 4000 US dollars today. Still it is the return on investment of 4000 times!!! And the price of the bitcoin is still raising!
Oh so what next? Do you think that you missed the bus? What if you wish to invest in bitcoins now. Yes these are much valid questions. And I would be more than happy to address these questions. Yes I believe even today if you invest in bitcoins, it can be very useful and fruitful investment. Because as the supply of cryptocurrency is limited there is reason to believe that its price will keep moving up. In fact there are some predictions about the price of bitcoins and some people believe that the target in near future is USD 10K.
However one important concern about the crypto currencies in many countries like India is that it is not regulated. No any authority like SEBI or RBI has any clear statutory/legal stand on crypto currencies. And this is the thing which goes against the investments in crypto currencies. But in near future we can expect the proper statutory mechanism to regulate the crupto currencies in India, and there can be more clarity about it. But even today one can invest in crypto currencies through the companies like Zebpay and Unocoin.
Disclaimer : Having this set of information I would like to say that this is not any investment advise to invest in any cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This article only aims tell you that money can be invested in bitcoins too!

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    Whoa. That’s a lot. Ain’t It.? I have started investing in it and also started up researching on it. Thanks for posting

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