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Hi Friends! I am sure you are doing great! If your money is in safe hands you can simply focus on your work and enjoy life. That is the reason I wish to share one very amazing way to manage money i.e. Edelweiss GPS. The era of demonetization brings the drastic changes in the Indian Economy and the way of Managing the Money, Managing Portfolio and Investments. Over the period of time we can expect decrease in the rates of interests. In India still the huge investments are done in Bank Fixed Deposits. But due to reducing interest rates the people will definitely seek better opportunities for Investment. And the Great News here is that Edelweiss Financial Services, has launched the Amazing way to Manage Money and Investments i.e. Edelweiss Guided Portfolios.

Okay what exactly is Edelweiss GPS. To explain in very simple words Edelweiss Guided Portfolios is the financial product which builds mutual fund portfolios for the investors. And the most important thing is, while building mutual fund portfolios it  travels towards the financial goals of the Investor, through systematic investments i.e MF SIPs. Of course for detailed information we can check the link On this link we can simply input following three things  1.Amount one can invest every month. 2. Age 3. Risk Profile – This can be either of Low Risk, Medium Risk or High Risk. And once we enter these three simplest things the magic happens. It suggests the best suited mutual funds with allocation percentages, for these parameters. It also clarifies why these funds are selected. Then the choice always remains with the investor to invest in the suggested funds or to opt for other funds! You can check this link and see how easy it is! This is just one of the easy and interesting part of this. This product is full of useful, informative and interesting things. And you can check it on the link shared right now!!

Friends, being a Chartered Accountant and Finance blogger I get opportunity to interact with the people from Financial Services. At one interactive and knowledge sharing session about mutual funds industry, I got the opportunity to interact with Mr. Rahul Jain and his team of Edelweiss GPS. Rahul and his team shared some useful and important information about Guided Portfolios. They said this product is the result of continues interactions, suggestions and requirements of investors and clients. And this is how they could create this Edelweiss GPS which is simple, relevant and intuitive for the best use of the investors.

There are some more new, unique and interesting features of Edelweiss GPS and that are, periodic monitoring and re-balancing of the portfolios, intuitive platform design, transparency and clarity, paperless account opening through Aadhar based e-KYC, and much more. Paperless account opening has revolutionized the things, and you can open the account and can start investing literally within next 15 minutes from now! Simply visit the link shared above and start investing! Happy Investing with Edelweiss GPS!

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